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The goal of Life Media is to publish information of the highest quality and integrity. We believe that our credibility is our most precious asset. Credibility is arduously acquired and easily squandered. We therefore expect the highest standards of professionalism from everyone involved with our business. We adhere to a strict division between editorial and advertising, and are commited to identifying paid advertising as separate from editorial. Any product that we review is judged to be worthy by our editorial department and such reviews are written with no expectation of advertising or other sorts of revenue.

"We believe that our policy preserves both our editorial integrity and the perception of it. And that integrity is the most valuable thing we have going for us. I have learned, through more than 35 years of magazine publishing, that thinking readers are skeptical of both editorial and advertising that seem to support each other. On the other hand, when readers trust that our articles are unbiased, they trust everything in a magazine, including the advertising. That integrity creates a win-win-win situation, which is good for the readers, good for our business, and good for our advertisers' businesses."    Rolf Priesnitz, Publisher

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